How Fashion Accessories Can Make You Look Younger

Posted on : 20 July, 2010 By :kavita

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How Fashion Accessories Can Make You Look Younger

Although its not possible to stop the clock from ticking and halt the aging process, there are hundreds of little things you can do to look younger. Here some tips on how fashion accessories can help you make the most of what youve got.

1. Long Scarf Tricks:

If you have a large tummy and want to disguise it, wear a fitted jacket open, keeping the buttons parallel, and then wear a long scarf hanging in between, which will draw attention away from whats hiding underneath.

2. Parisian Chic:The Grace Kelly Scarf

Stylish French women know that however beautifully made up your face is, a saggy wrinkled neck will always give away your age. Learn how to keep it covered up with a silk scarf tied a variety of clever styles.

3. The Best Disguise-----

Always carry sunglasses in your handbag, even in winter, Low-level winter sun can cause squinting, and sunglasses are the best disguise to cover up tired puffy eyes.

4. Waist Cinches ------

If you have a tiny waist, show it off with a wide belt. A low-slung belt that cuts across the hips can disguise a bulging tummy.

5. Look Like Audrey ------

Cover up motley arms with long black evening gloves like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Choose Lycra over cotton as it will provide some support, and wear your biggest rings over the top.

6. Decorative Buckles -----

A studded belt with a highly decorative buckle will attract the eye, but always consider where to place it for maximum effect. Unless you have washboard abs, choose hip-slung, as a belt around the middle tends to cut you in half and shorten the body. A decorative belt replaces the need for long necklaces.

7. Bag a New Bag ------

There is no need to fully update your wardrobe every season when one key on-trend item like a fashionable purse can do it for you. Send your old-lady designer purses to the nearest vintage store for a twenty-something to make use of - on anyone too much older they will just make you look like youre living in the past.

8. One Size Doesnt Fit All -----

Collect different purses for different occasions in your life - one all-purpose black leather bag stuffed full will wreck your outfit and your posture. For evening, look for smaller-sized clutches and purses made from unusual fabrics or colors, which are softer and less structural than your day bag. Do not be tempted to overstuffed them and ruin the shape.
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