Best Topics To Talk About With A Girl

Posted on : 19 March, 2011 By :Sangeeta

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Best Topics To Talk About With A Girl :---

We all know that girls talk a lot! Most of us have seen women sitting down and conversing with each other for hours and hours, on no particular topic. However for guys to do the same, it takes a little bit of effort in looking out for topics and talking sense on them. Girls are complex, imaginative, perceptive and talkative. Hence, it is essential to pick up subjects that will keep your girl interested in the discussion. And to determine the topics of her interest, you need to listen to her carefully on what she speaks, watch her signals and actions and ask appropriate questions about her life. All in all, you have to deduce things from your girls life that will induce more in-depth conversations.

Topics To Talk To A Girl About :--

1. Hobbies and Interests:-
Every person has hobbies and passions, be it painting, stamp collecting or rooting for a favorite team. Talk to a girl about her favorite pastimes and the reasons behind her liking it so much. Look out for one of few selective prominent hobbies for longer conversations that will contribute to your communication and relationship. You can also look for areas of mutual interest, things that excite both of you and things that you are least interested in talking about. In short, to get your girl yapping and your relationship going, just get hold of her hobby and interest and your work is done!

2. Aspirations :-
In the present times, girls have become extremely career oriented and focused, much contrary to the yesteryear picture. Career aspirations prove to be another great topic to talk to a girl. Talk to her about her dreams and accomplishments and where she sees herself going from the current position. Find out aspects that excite her or make her perk up in a conversation. You can also give her tips and ideas how to better or master her work, but be careful while doing this.

3. Work Life and Job Assignments :-
There are numerous things that a girl would like to talk about related to her job life, such as work assignments, rules and regulations, work environment and corporate culture, behavior of the boss and colleagues, work pressure and so on. You will be surprised to find out that these topics will lead to a close and healthy relationship in the future.

4. Likes and Dislikes :-
Apart from hobbies and interests, there are other things and aspects that a girl would love to talk about. Topics such as colors, sports, political leaders, games, product brands, cars, holiday destinations, etc. are likely to fascinate a girl in a conversation. These discussions of likes and dislikes can continue to be long ones, thus enabling men to spend more time with girls.

5. Pop Culture :-
Though pop culture is a bit of a cliché, it surely forms a great starter for conversations. Topics like movies, television, music, favorite videos and so on, dominate longer and deeper conversations. Ask her about the type and genre of music loves to listen to, favorite band and artist, music collection and so on. You can also talk to her about her favorites, movie stars, celebrities, sportsmen, gadgets, etc. The pop culture topic is sure to pop up your girl into conversation!
Article Posted By : Sangeeta Jadhav
Dombivli (Maharatra)

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