How to Have Light Skin

Posted on : 06 September, 2010 By :kavita

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How to Have Light Skin

Here are some ways to make your skin lighter.

1. Try to stay out of the sun. If you have to exercise, join a gym or hit the road before dawn or after dusk.

2. Use ultra healing lotion that would give the effect of making your skin look lighter and glowing.

3. Wash and exfoliate your face often, this helps remove the layer of skin that is damaged by contact with the sun and thus lightening your skin somewhat.

4. Drink water, and avoid too many caffeinated and sugary foods.

5. Apply yogurt onto your face, preferably plain yogurt and massage for 15 minutes.

6. Wash your face in cold water five times a day.

7. If all else fails, use a skin lightening cream.

8. Be reasonable.

9. Lemon juice can naturally lighten the skin.

Tips :-

In dire circumstances, you can purchase skin lightening exfoliator and masks online. But they tend to be rather harsh on sensitive skin.
1. Lemon is often used to lighten dark areas on skin.
2. Lemon is also used as a natural hair lightening agent.
3. Look for exfoliators that are gentle on sensitive skin.
4. Spending more time outside in cold climates might help.
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