Agustina Quinteros : Model
Gender :Female
Date Of Birth : Not Available
City :San Fernando
Country :San Fernando
Height :Not Available
Vital Status :Not Available
Eye Colour :Brown
Occupation :Not Available
Weight :58 Kgs
Hair Colour :Brown
Complextion : Not Available
Languages :English

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Agustina Quinteros 's Information
Agustina Quinteros's Biography
Agustina Quinteros done Fashion Shows

King's Game Fall Winter 2008
Autumn Winter 2008: Di Domenico
Autumn Winter 2008: L'Oréal: Min Agostini
Autumn Winter 2008: Aretha (Showroom)
Autumn Winter 2008: Expo Novias
Cordova High Fashion - Autumn Winter 2008.
Autumn Winter 2008: Di Domenico Buenos Aires Fashion -
Spring Summer 2008 / 9: Vanlon - EXHIBIT - Var's - Calyx - Mirta Armesto - Tere Novaro - Gladys Asselborn
Spring Summer 2008 / 9: Di Domenico
Spring Summer 2008 / 9: 25th Anniversary Fabio Cuggini
Spring Summer 2008 / 9: Silvia Miccio
Silkey Spring Summer 2008 / 9: California - Idi - Weeff - Octane - Cristina Donati - Claudio Cosano
Agustina Quinteros's Work Profile
Prints Ads Experience : Molds (Note autumn-winter in March 2008) Look (Note Moda April 2008) Mia (Note Moda April 2008) Look (Note Fashion May 2008) Look (Note Fashion July 2008) Look especially sports (August 2008) Faces (Special note Miss Argentina - April 2008) News (Special note Miss Argentina - April 2008) Light (Special note Miss Argentina - April 2008) Solidiario (Special note Miss Argentina - April and November 2008)
TV Commercials Experience : Portfolio to activate Soledad Solaro (American 12) Show room in Donna Moda with Di Domenico (Channel 9) Parade for special chapter Here no one alive (telefe) Special invitation to AM with Leo and Vero Montero Lozano (telefe) Special invitation to Mornings informal (channel 13) Special invitation to the Noticiero 3" (Channel 3) Special invitation to pulling up (Channel 3) Special invitation to Noticiero Salta (jump tv)